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Meraki Trice's "Poison Ivy": A Soul-Stirring Journey Through Toxic Love

 Meraki Trice against a moody, ethereal background

The Detroit-born, Mexico City-based non-binary artist explores the complexities of a toxic relationship in their haunting new single.

Genre-defying non-binary artist Meraki Trice is back with "Poison Ivy," the third single off their upcoming album, "Heart's Fare," set to release on November 10th. Known for a captivating fusion of classic soul, contemporary pop, and hip-hop, Trice takes us on a chilling yet cathartic journey through the complexities of a toxic relationship.

More Than Just A Single

"Poison Ivy" is more than just a song; it's an emotional exploration rendered through Meraki Trice's unique blend of alternative RnB and electronic music. Their storytelling ability, combined with hauntingly evocative vocals, encapsulates the turbulence of love gone awry.

The Power of Authenticity

Meraki Trice has always centered authenticity in their work, and "Poison Ivy" is no exception. Inspired by their own experiences with an emotionally abusive partner, the single stands as a testimony to the universality of emotion and the healing power of art. Their recent move to Mexico City has also infused their work with a new level of inspiration and depth.

 Meraki Trice against a moody, ethereal background

Shaping the Soundscape

The single was recorded in a home studio in Detroit, Michigan, and features the mixing and mastering craftsmanship of Colombian-American artist TommyPapi. The collaboration has resulted in a track that is as profound as it is polished.

Reviews and Acclaim

Critics and fans alike have praised Meraki Trice for their evocative blend of soulful RnB and reflective vibes. Their storytelling often explores the nuances of existentialism and societal impact, offering listeners a multi-dimensional musical experience.

  • Mood: Haunting, Soul-Stirring, Cathartic

  • Genre: Alternative RnB, Electronic, Soul


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