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Mery's Key Releases Catchy and Defiant Single "My Own Way"

Italian duo Mery's Key follows up their debut single with "My Own Way," showcasing a unique blend of pop music infused with unconventional bass guitar techniques and captivating female vocals.


Italian duo Mery's Key are back with the release of their highly anticipated second single, "My Own Way". Following their debut single "Step By Step," this new track continues to showcase their innovative approach to pop music, combining unique bass guitar techniques with powerful female vocals. "My Own Way" is a catchy and defiant anthem that invites listeners to embrace their individuality and take control of their own lives.

About Mery's Key

Mery’s Key is a unique duo that features a female vocalist and a bassist, creating pop music with a distinctive twist. Drawing inspiration from artists like Newton Faulkner, they emphasize unconventional playing techniques and a strong melodic foundation. Their music stands out for its intricate musicality, blending progressive elements with mainstream pop appeal.

About "My Own Way"

"My Own Way" is a testament to Mery's Key's ability to craft relatable and danceable pop songs. The track features constant changes in time signature and non-diatonic harmony, adding a layer of complexity beneath its catchy exterior. The chorus, praised by Capitol Records songwriter Adam Hambrick, is an empowering declaration of self-determination and resilience. The song's energetic production, crafted with producer Matthew Parisi, ensures it resonates with both headphone listeners and live concert audiences.

Musical and Lyrical Themes

The song's lyrics speak to the empowerment of taking control and doing things one's own way. The dynamic interplay between the bass guitar and vocals drives the song, creating a groove that is both infectious and intricate. Mery's Key's innovative approach to pop production is evident in the sophisticated musical structure, making "My Own Way" a standout track in contemporary pop music.

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Notable Achievements

Mery's Key has quickly made a name for themselves with their debut single "Step By Step," and "My Own Way" is set to build on that success. Their music has been well-received for its originality and depth, with significant attention from music blogs and playlists. The upcoming official music video and acoustic version further highlight their versatility and musical talent.

Upcoming Plans

Following the release of "My Own Way," Mery's Key plans to continue their momentum with more singles in the coming months. Fans can look forward to two more tracks that will showcase different facets of their musical style, ensuring a steady stream of new and exciting content.


"My Own Way" by Mery's Key is a bold and catchy pop anthem that encourages listeners to embrace their individuality and pursue their dreams with confidence. With its unique blend of intricate musicality and mainstream appeal, this track is set to make a significant impact in the indie pop scene. Stay tuned for more releases from Mery's Key as they continue to push the boundaries of pop music.



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