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Mery's Key Unlocks the Anthem of Perseverance with 'Step By Step'

Updated: Mar 9

The single cover for Mery's Key 'Step By Step', featuring Mery Bertòs and Kevin Reginald Cooke
The single cover for Mery's Key 'Step By Step', featuring Mery Bertòs and Kevin Reginald Cooke

This Unusual Duo Brings an Uplifting Blend of Pop and Bass Virtuosity, Proving Patience Pays Off in Music and Life

Mery's Key, the distinctive musical duo led by vocalist Mery Bertòs and bassist Kevin Reginald Cooke, has burst onto the scene with their debut single "Step By Step". Their sound, a refined mixture influenced by the songwriting prowess of John Mayer and Jonatha Brooke and the bass virtuosity of Victor Wooten and Seth Horan, offers a fresh take on pop music that resonates with depth and uplifting energy.

Produced by Matthew Parisi, known for his work with Shayne Ward and Luna Blue, "Step By Step" is an anthem for anyone navigating the treacherous waters of impatience and self-doubt. The track captures the universal longing for rapid success and the emotional rollercoaster that accompanies the pursuit of one’s desires, delivering a message that's both relatable and motivational.

Drawing comparisons to the likes of Sara Bareilles and Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Mery's Key has crafted a song that combines emotional depth with an anthemic chorus, ensuring "Step By Step" is not only a listener favorite but also an uplifting journey through the trials and tribulations of achieving one’s dreams.

With an artist development team propelling them at the start of their jouney and a path set towards performing at prestigious festivals like Glastonbury, Mery's Key is quickly establishing themselves as a force within the indie pop scene. Their debut performance, a high-caliber event at the "G.Modena" theatre in Palmanova for Enrico Mentana's lifetime career award, alongside their appearance at the Trieste Loves Jazz festival, positions them as artists with a bright future and a unique sound that captivates and inspires.

"Step By Step" urges listeners to trust the process, and embrace the slow climb towards success, and revel in the journey rather than solely the destination. It’s a testament to Mery's Key’s vision of blending pop sensibilities with standout musical performances, creating a niche space for themselves that defies conventional genre labels.

Genre: Singer-Songwriter, Alternative Pop, Pop, Indie Pop, 80's Vibes

Mood: Uplifting, Anthemic, Reflective, Motivational

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