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Mick J Clark's 'Born to Party': A Retro Disco-Funk Blast From the Past With a Modern Groove

Mick J Clark’s ‘BORN TO PARTY’ is a track that will strike the groove into you. It’s bold and it comes at you with a mountain of funk. It hits the highs with those 80s vibes and slams the lows with round bass and kicks. When the backing vocals start to sway with the synths in the back, you start to sense the music. It feels like you’re in a club, the beat is pumping through you but it’s not aggressive, it’s friendly, and all a great time. There are streamers and lights and disco balls aplenty. Then Mick J Clark lends his voice to the music and it all comes together. It’s disco, it’s funk and it's huge.

‘BORN TO PARTY’ is a sum of 80s pop and classic disco beats. Blend that with the classic rock and country mind of Mick J Clark and you get something uniquely groovy that will keep you entertained no matter how many times you stick it on repeat.



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