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Millhope’s 'Searching': A Sonic Tapestry of Daydreaming, Curiosity, and Hope

A Perfect Chillwave Blend for Moments of Reflection and Relaxation

A Dreamlike Companion

"Searching" by Millhope is more than just music; it's a state of being. Created to serve as the perfect companion for your moments of reflection—be it a day at the beach, an outdoor adventure, or simply idle hours—the track embodies daydreaming, curiosity, and hope.

The Unique Blend

Thomas Mühlhoff, the Cologne-based producer and musician behind Millhope, blends spherical guitar lines, catchy analog synth melodies, and field recording samples, all anchored by driving drums. This masterful fusion creates a mood that is simultaneously chill, energetic, and calm.

Stylistic Footprints

Millhope’s instrumental style bears resemblance to iconic names like Tycho and Boards of Canada, yet it establishes its own identity within the Chillwave, Downtempo, and Post-Rock genres.

A Nod to the Classics

Inspired by '80s TV soundtracks like Knight Rider and Stranger Things, Mühlhoff employs modern production techniques and a slower tempo to put a unique spin on his compositions.

An Emotional Layer

Millhope reveals that the album is more than just an artistic endeavor; it is also a therapeutic process. "I wanted to create music that captured the eerie vibe of the pandemic but also offered a sense of hope and optimism. This album is my way of processing the strange times we're living in, and I hope it resonates with people going through similar experiences," he explains.

Album_Art_Searching: "Artwork for Millhope's track 'Searching.

Seasoned Artistry

Having worked with artists like Susanne Dobrusski, Jenny Thiele, Kai Otten, and Geysir, Mühlhoff's expertise in jazz and pop music shines through, even as his focus now lies on chillwave and downtempo music. His debut album is sure to make a splash in the electronic music scene and beyond.

Millhope's "Searching" is a sonic odyssey that guides listeners through a labyrinth of emotions, thoughts, and dreamscapes. With its compelling blend of styles and atmospheres, it's a track that offers not just auditory pleasure but also a space for emotional and mental exploration.


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