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Our Autumn Day

Cardiff, United Kingdom

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Milly Mason draws the listener back to appreciate the small things in life we tend to glimpse over, through her new country single ‘Our Autumn Day’.

A perfect listen for this time of year, the lyricism of the song depicts quite vivid and picturesque scenes which are quite popular in the autumnal season. ‘Crisp, cold air and magnificent colours’ there is a great level of detail in ensuring the listener can truly visualise the song’s message concerning the appreciation of nature and new seasons. This vibrant feel of lyricism is also reflected in Milly's vocals. Quite a youthful and crisp sound, very distinctive and echoes these naturalistic themes of the song quite well. I believe the musical choices for ‘Our Autumn Day’ is the perfect match for a song concerning an appreciation of this time of year and the beautiful landscapes the autumnal season gives us.

Typical of the country genre, the track has quite an acoustic feel to it, starting off with guitar riffs in the verse, and then incorporation of drums in the chorus to liven the energy. The musical elements served as a pleasant accompaniment to Milly’s bold vocals and helped carry the message well.


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