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Mini Sants Launches 'Moon To Mars' - An Interstellar Dance-Pop Odyssey

Brooklyn-based producer Mini Sants takes listeners from 'Moon To Mars' in a feel-good, dance-pop single that blends Indie-Dance and RnB for an unforgettable summer hit.

Mini Sants, the innovative music producer and DJ from Brooklyn, has released his latest single, "Moon To Mars." The track, which seamlessly blends Indie-Dance and RnB, offers a sonic journey that symbolizes an interplanetary love story. Perfect for summer playlists, the song captures the essence of a modern love odyssey with a danceable beat.

'Moon To Mars' not only marks a significant shift towards a more pop-oriented sound for Mini Sants but also showcases his evolution as an artist. The single is accompanied by grainy yet modern animated visuals that enhance the storytelling aspect of the track, depicting an interplanetary romance.

80s synthpop meets funk - it's a bop from the off with hints of commercial R&B. Usually you can tell in the first few seconds if a song will catch on or not, and here, I can assure you that it will do just that but it will also get even better as it progresses. The way that EDM mixes with dreamy R&B pop creates a soundscape that is similar to some of the work of Doja Cat - think 'Kiss Me More' and 'Say So' with a heavier emphasis on the dance elements similar to the work of Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa's latest sound. It's a wicked release with a lot of potential for global reach. Definitely One2Watch!

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Mini Sants
Mini Sants

With his roots in the surf culture of Ocean City, NJ, and now based in the music-rich environment of Brooklyn, NY, Mini Sants infuses his tracks with a signature beach-electronic-nostalgia.

Personal Quote from Mini Sants: "'Moon To Mars' is about pushing the boundaries of genre to create something universally enjoyable. It’s about bringing together different musical worlds in a way that resonates with anyone who hears it."

'Moon To Mars' is now available on all major streaming platforms. Join Mini Sants as he takes you on a musical journey that promises to be as expansive and engaging as the cosmos itself.

Genres: Electronic Pop, Dance, Indie Dance, RnB, Disco

Mood: Euphoric, Nostalgic, Uplifting, Party Vibe

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