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Akron, United States

I love hip-hop when it gets dark. When it gets its hands dirty pulling up a gritty sound from the earth and moulding it into something more, something spiritual and connective. That sound lives in the latest single from Missingno., ‘You_Know.’ The single is powered by a bass that rattles in the deep, bouncing against a kick drum that connects to your core. Up in the highs are synths and melodies that draw from classic video games, taking that 8 and 16-bit sound and rolling it into the new hip-hop vibe. ‘You_Know’ is dark, reclusive and deep. You feel as if you are peering into the soul of the creator, getting to know them, understanding their rhythms.

Missingno. takes an incredibly interesting approach to music. Drawing from love and inspiration in such a direct way forms a sound that is distinct and powerful. The effect that this approach has on Missingno.’s music is profound and I’m addicted to it. Listen to ‘You_Know’ as soon as you possibly can, you’re going to want to leave your day open so you can chuck it on repeat.


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