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MOLLIE RAINWATER addresses demons and seasons in her latest album




Augusta, United States





#MollieRainwater sent us her latest album #ForTheBrokenHeartedTraveller this week and what a project it is! The 10 tracks offer the classic easy listening of folk mixed with a relaxing vibe to take you on a journey through the broken-hearted story of a traveler. Delivering something easy on the ear and impactful on the heartstrings is a project that will surely capture your attention. So, in a typical Tamara Jenna fashion let me take you into the world of this artist and through the art of music! #CallThatThis opens the project with the beauty of acoustic guitar - the plucks hold the soul of a voice that has a story to tell. The vocals here are simple yet stunning in this acoustic track. There were several things about this piece that caught my attention from the sound of fingers plucking on guitar strings to the slide transitions that were allowed to present here. I love this addition. Allowing for something so natural meant that the emotion in the vocals could be enhanced in the piece. The voice of #MollieRainwater is so basic here yet so full of feeling and when combined with the backing of a male vocalist you hear the extent of the natural feeling of this whole track. #AstronomersKnow has a similar feel although the plucks are faster. Talks of pain, being alone in the night, and time are the key themes here. #AstronomersKnow combines the seasons in a swirl of reflection. Two tracks into this album I have now found an artist that stands out from the crowd in #MollieRainwater. #IWannaBe offers something darker in tone. The intricacy of the guitar offers something deeper in tone and feeling. This album seems to offer deeper and deeper content as each track goes by. The lyrics really stood out to me here - "I wanna be the rainbow after rainfall", "I wanna be the clock that's ticking backward". #MollieRainwater is an artist. Not just a vocalist, she is a storyteller, a writer, a guitarist, and a true soul. #BlankMap has a depressing tone in its lyrics but the execution of these lyrics is far from bleak. The vocals are layered to create a beautiful harmony and the guitar playing is contagious. #SongForTheTravelers has a happier tone in its high-pitched melodic strings. One of the main lines that stood out to me here is - "Pray the ocean will always call your name". This artist has a real knack for touching on emotions through her words. #MusicOnTheWaves is the perfect name for what it contains. The guitar playing offers a repetitive rhythm that imitates the feel of the waves as the vocals act as wind through your ears. #TimeZones continues a similar rhythm as the artists tell the tale of writing a letter to the ocean, trips through airports, and different time zones. The track suddenly lifts through luscious harmonies and guitar strums. #DriveToTheAirport continues themes that were touched upon in the track before it. In this track we're given the narrative of someone who wants to escape, feelings of entrapment and freedom are deeply embedded in this piece. #TheseFourWalls addresses themes of growth, the ups, and the downs, and every story in between. Different seasons, different moods. I love the narrative here. #TokensOfGratitude ends the project with something different. Acoustic piano paves the way for a track that leans more towards pop. This is a piece that reminds me of #OliviaRodrigo #Driver'sLicence. In fact, the whole project is of the same feel. If you love that track then you will absolutely love this whole album. #MollieRainwater is an artist who has an undeniable skill and likeability - perfect for the music industry. I'd love to see her rise and fly in the industry. Her music may be understated but the way her music makes you feel is anything but! An amazing songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist - I'm truly rooting for #MollieRainwater.



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