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'Molly’s Game' – Hello Amnesia's Audaciously Fiery Indie Single Fuses Funk and Rock

‘Molly’s Game’ is one hell of a belter, let me make that clear right out of the gate. The pulsing funk, the rock in the back, the vocals that punch through the bite of it all. This is an indie single that juices up your day. It’s fiery, tonal, and eclectic. It’s indie, and that’s what we’re here for after all. Hello Amnesia have presented a side of themselves which I think will capture the hearts of many.

‘Molly’s Game’ features so much greatness that it is hard to pinpoint the origin of it. There are touches of funk, both classic and modern. Then we move into the rock half and that is pure 00s bliss — it’s hard, but not dark, full but not groggy. It’s just what the song needed and no more. A masterclass on musical control.

When that bass line falls into play it’s game over, Molly wins. And we knew it was ‘Molly’s Game’ to win from the very start. There is something in the drums that screams confidence, not in an arrogant way. In the same way that mountain goats climb with surefooted strides, so too does this song climb to its peak and jump off into the chorus. The vocals charge, hold the line, and belt it for the close. There’s nothing not to love about Hello Amnesia’s latest release. It’s bold, fresh, and oh-so inviting. Groovy baby.


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