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MOON AND ARIES Unveil 'BLURRED VISION': A Profound Dive into Clarity and Cosmic Wisdom

MOON AND ARIES, against a cosmic backdrop, immersed in the ethereal world of their single 'BLURRED VISION'

From the picturesque landscapes of Germany and the vast expanse of Canada, comes a duo with a sound that bridges boundaries and genres. MOON AND ARIES - comprising of the multi-talented German composer & producer Tom Aries, and the evocative Canadian writer & singer Jordana Moon - offer a unique blend of retro and futuristic tunes that can best be described as a symphonic confluence of Electropop, Cinematic Synth Pop, Trip-Hop, and Alt-Pop.

Jordana and Tom's journey together as MOON AND ARIES is both spiritual and musical. Their collective aim? To elevate listeners to a higher plane, transcending the mundanities of the everyday world and awakening a deeper sense of self-awareness. The harmony between Tom's hypnotic melodies and Jordana's raw, introspective lyrics creates a soundscape that feels both intimate and expansive.

Having begun their musical voyage in 2022 with their debut album "The Arrival", the duo quickly followed up with a refreshing summer EP titled "Paradise". 2023 saw them pushing boundaries even further with their conceptual masterpiece "Break The Matrix". And with singles "RESOLUTIONS" and "KNOTS" leading the charge into their anticipated 2024 album "Resolutions and Revolutions", the future seems luminous for this transcendent twosome.

MOON AND ARIES, Tom Aries and Jordana Moon, against a cosmic backdrop, immersed in the ethereal world of their single 'BLURRED VISION'

Today, we're spotlighting their latest single, "BLURRED VISION". As the title suggests, the track explores the journey of seeking clarity amidst chaos, of surrendering to the cosmic plan and appreciating the fragmented wisdom we are afforded in this life. The track stands out as an electrifying blend of electro pop, synth pop, and dream pop, taking listeners on a sonic expedition to explore the profound truths beyond mere sight.

"Blurred Vision transcends what our eyes see, and invites us into the wisdom and truth of beingness," Jordana Moon elucidates. It's not just a song; it's an invitation to experience, to ponder, and to lose oneself in.

With "BLURRED VISION", MOON AND ARIES once again prove their ability to meld thought-provoking narratives with foot-tapping tunes, ensuring listeners not only groove to their beats but also ruminate on the deeper messages of their lyrics. As we await their full album in 2024, one thing is clear - MOON AND ARIES are on a trajectory to stardom, touching souls and minds along their ascent.



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