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Moon and Aries Launch Synth Pop to New Heights with 'Resolutions', Creating Galactic Chrome-Funk

Moon and Aries’ ‘Resolutions’ is a single that takes synth pop and sends it into orbit. The sound is galactic. The funk is in the back and keeps to a steady rhythm while the mids shoot like stars trailing colours and wild patterns as they go. The vocal is at the core, directing and affecting everything that comes into contact with it. This art of literal musical fusion is a sight to behold and an even better sound to listen to. ‘Resolutions’ feels like an idyllic future disco. Chrome-funk.

When the song really gets going there is no stopping it. It doesn’t just have the pull of a great hook, it has the power of a black hole behind it. Moon and Aries are on form in ‘Resolutions,’ they play to each other's strengths and are creating music that is bold, free and forward-thinking. The melody alone is worth the listen. When you tac on everything else? You can’t afford to miss it.



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