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Your Love

Nassau, Bahamas

Credit - Emmanuel Rolle- Sammie Poitier

Mr.J’s latest single, ‘Your Love,’ is a funky and upbeat track that focuses on love and the passions behind it. It’s rhythmic pop with afro-beat Jamaican tones and instrumentals and a vocal that will trap you within its depth and variety. The song shifts from rap/spoken word rhythm sections to modern pop vocals over a pulsing instrumental at the drop of a hat. It shifts and grows, evolving as you listen to it but there is always, that underlying beat. It punches you in the gut, gets you moving, it's a song to dance to, laugh to. And the message is clear as day.

Pop is a wild beast, and to tame it with such pure intentions is rare. ‘Your Love’ by Mr.J is as pure as pop comes. It's honest, it's funky and it is full of influences from around the world. Expand your pop library and send your love to another artist who is pushing to do what’s right in the music space.



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