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Mr. Wizard Releases New Single "Boulders" – A Grunge Punk Anthem from Pittsburgh

Dive into the raw energy of Mr.Wizard's latest single "Boulders," blending alternative rock and grunge punk influences with a nostalgic 90s vibe.

Mr.Wizard Unveils New Single "Boulders" – A Nostalgic Grunge-Punk Anthem

Mr.Wizard, an alternative grunge punk band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, released their latest single "Boulders" on May 23, 2024. With this new track, the band continues to redefine garage rock, pushing the boundaries of post-90s rock.

A Journey Through Rock Nostalgia

Mr.Wizard, led by Garrett Gates, crafts a sound steeped in exciting rock nostalgia, embracing the punk and grunge integrations of the 90s. As Obscure Sound aptly describes, “Mr. Wizard crafts a sound steeped in exciting rock nostalgia, embracing the punk and grunge integrations of the ’90s.” The band’s music evokes a nostalgic backyard barbecue vibe, offering listeners a raw and edgy soundscape that captures the essence of 90s rock.

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The Band's Roots and Evolution

Growing up in a musical family, Garrett Gates, also known as Mr. Wizard, played the violin and piano throughout his childhood. Despite not initially playing a “rock” instrument, he started a band in his teens, picking up the bass to do so. “To this day I still consider myself a bass player before anything else—it’s like putting on your oldest, most comfortable T-shirt,” Gates reflects.

After many years of touring and recording with locally acclaimed band Dosed, Gates suddenly entered his 30s without a band. Driven by a desire to scratch his musical itch, Mr. Wizard was formed in his basement during the late hours of the night after his wife and small children were asleep. Adapting a motto from the Chili Peppers, Gates says, “It’s better to regret something you did, than something you didn’t do.”

Growing Discography and Influences

2022 saw the release of Mr.Wizard's debut EP I Know I Don’t Know, followed by the sophomore EP Strangers Aren’t So Strange in 2023. With a growing fan base and a brand new live lineup, Mr. Wizard is set to release a string of singles throughout 2024. Influenced by bands like Weezer, Blink 182, The Chili Peppers, and Modest Mouse, Gates finds particular inspiration in Rivers Cuomo, stating, “He’s a master of melody—he never misses!”

A Gritty New Single

"Boulders" is the first single from Mr.Wizard's new batch of songs that will be released through The Animal Farm out of London. This track is a gritty and catchy reality of life in Pittsburgh, capturing the essence of living as a young street kid. The accompanying “P.O.V” style video adds a creative visual element to the song, enhancing its storytelling aspect.


Mr.Wizard's "Boulders" is a testament to the band's commitment to authentic and edgy rock music. With their nostalgic sound and raw energy, Mr.Wizard is poised to captivate listeners and continue pushing the boundaries of alternative grunge punk. Keep an eye on this band as they release more music throughout the year.

Genres: Alternative Rock, Rock, Indie Rock

Mood: Super Edgy, Nostalgic, Raw, Energetic

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