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Mute's Latest Indie Rock Hit 'Cambio de Estrategia' Brings Back the Energizing Sound of the 00s

Mute is an indie rock band that pumps energy into their songs with engrossing fervour. Their latest track, ‘Cambio de Estrategia,’ is a fast and lively song that brings back the sounds of the 00s. Think snow patrol with more oomph, more pace, more power.

The guitar opens us up, over to one side. It blares a chord, it keeps the sound strong. Then a drone on the left, the sound begins to build. Soon the bass is upon us, the drums are jumping into a groove and the song is shooting out colour from the seams. It can’t hold in the energy, it has to burst. When it does the vocal is there to guide it through the melody and into the punchy chorus. It's passionate, vivid, and catchy all at once. You dance to the sound that comes from the floor around you. You get lost in the guitar tones and the bass lines that come from the walls. The drums splash overhead like bright white clouds.

Music can bring on many feelings. Sadness, happiness, forgiveness. ‘Cambio de Estratagia’ from Mute, brings forth the feeling of a splendid day. And splendid it certainly is.


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