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My Satellite Launches 'Strange Business': A Psychedelic Journey Through Sound

Los Angeles duo My Satellite delivers a mesmerizing blend of indie, psychedelic, and synth sounds in their debut single 'Strange Business,' paving the way for their anticipated album 'PERSON.

My Satellite, the Los Angeles-based indie psychedelic duo, unveils "Strange Business," the debut single from their upcoming album "PERSON." Released on October 27, 2023, the track is a masterful fusion of 70s funk, 80s pop, and contemporary indie influences, setting a new standard for psychedelic music. Mastered by the renowned Dave Cooley, known for his work with M83, Tame Impala, and Animal Collective, "Strange Business" promises to be an unforgettable auditory experience for lovers of these artists and fans of the group alike.

"Strange Business" embarks on an experimental journey through the mind, using lush vocal tones and an array of synths to create a sound that is both innovative and deeply rooted in psychedelic traditions. Drawing from personal explorations into altered states, My Satellite crafts a sound that is uniquely their own, featuring instruments like the Akai Timbre Wolf, Nord Electro, and Arturia Modular Softsynth, alongside a Fender Jazz Bass that defies expectations through inventive use of effects pedals.

Expect an experimental mix of high-octane vocals and electronic bliss mixed with psychedelic rock vibes. There's a sense of freedom which exudes from this release both by design and in the way that it will make listeners feel. There are a lot of layers, a lot of changes but it continues to keep the listener interested. It's unique. It'll have you returning for another listen for sure.

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With "Strange Business," My Satellite not only marks their territory in the psychedelic genre but also offers listeners a glimpse into their profound musical journey. Through their innovative use of synthesis and commitment to authentic storytelling, the duo crafts a narrative that is both deeply personal and universally resonant. So make sure that you go ahead and dive into the psychedelic realm with "Strange Business" and prepare for the release of "PERSON," an album destined to redefine the boundaries of indie music.

Genres: Alternative Rock, Indie (Melodic Pop Rock), Indie Pop, Psychedelic, Synth Indie Rock, Alternative Pop, North American Based, Euphoric, Alt Rock Pop, Art Rock, Dark-Pop

Mood: Experimental, Euphoric, Melancholic, Ethereal, Reflective, Innovative, Psychedelic

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