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Nównøis' "For Tomorrow" Propels Modern Pop into the Future, Offering a Profound Listening Experience

Nównøis is pushing modern pop into new worlds with ‘For Tomorrow.’ The track feels incredibly futuristic from its production all the way to the composition of the single. It bites the melody fast, synths glow and chime, low bells strike as the vocal sets up its approach. The vocal begins and the harmony is powerful. It stabs at the sound and cuts it in two, a powerful show of colour and sound. The rhythm grabs you and pulls you under this golden curtain of synth. It’s vibrating with energy all around you as the song spins higher and higher, into space — into the black.

‘For Tomorrow’ takes pop and pushes it forward what feels like 15 years. It’s a profound listening experience, hearing textures that are wholly new and a melody that catches the essence of today, but from the viewpoint of the future. Nównøis has found to way to write music out of time, resulting in fascinating and captivating sounds that cannot be missed. Brilliant.



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