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One More Chance

Indianapolis, IN, United States

Credit - TK Designz

If you are looking for something that fuses the best of pop, hip-hop, soul, reggae, dancehall and RnB the latest release from Indianapolis, United States artist Nana Kottens. This Ghanaian-born artist has brought the best of their culture to the US and created a masterpiece in ‘One More Chance’.

Featuring beautifully unique vocals that wrap around gorgeously soulful harmonies this track is set to infiltrate your emotions. Despite being smooth in nature, these vocals carry the track, providing an extremely unique delivery providing a rollercoaster of pitch and depth while maintaining the calmness of the tone.

Utilising gorgeous yet simple guitar plucking throughout, woven between a heavy snare but muted bass RnB beat creating a super chilled mood. Couple this with the uncomplicated strum and we have a simplistic backing that is simply there to add a bit more substance to the ever-changing vocals. - JASMINE

If you are into the likes of Beres Hammond, this may be for you with there being a Beres vibe flowing through, utilising his recognisable high notes, but of course with the African influence. It is like I can imagine this track being performed by him, which is certainly a testament to the talent oozing from this track.


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