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NANO BEY's 'CANDY': A Blood-Pumping, Vibrant Pop Single That Takes You on a Wild Ride

NANO BEY’s ‘CANDY’ is a blood-pumping single that takes modern pop ideals and spins them as fast as they will go. Add some club vibes for texture and a heap of fun in the vocals and you come away with a track that will stick to your skin and tie knots in your hair. ‘CANDY’ is a hell of a good time. It gets started right away and flows into the thick of it in two seconds flat. The verses are full of imaginative lyrical twists and vocal embellishments. The build-up is wild and comes at you fast — before you know it you’re deep in the chorus, jamming out to that bass in the back.

Some songs have this innate groove, NANO BEY has found that groove and used it right. The song feels so good to play. This is a single you stick on repeat, a song you pray to the Shuffle Gods comes up at least twice on the road trip. It’s catchy in the best of ways and never turns down the vibe for a moment. It’s sexy, vibrant, and full of juicy riffs and licks. Once the power of the chorus takes you away on a ride you’re hooked for the long haul. ‘CANDY’ is a gateway track into the discography of NANO BEY. Golden.



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