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Nasmore Unveils "When It Feels So Fake": A Captivating Mix of Indie Pop and Electronic Vibes

Close-up of Nasmore's single cover for 'When It Feels So Fake.

Breaking Musical Boundaries with a Track That Resonates

Nasmore, a Canadian indie-pop sensation, is elevating the game with his latest release "When It Feels So Fake." Drawing on influences from industry powerhouses like Imagine Dragons and Nickelback, nasmore crafts a track that offers an ethereal blend of indie pop and electronic elements, perfect for popular playlists such as "Pop Rising," "Indie Pop & Chill," and "ElectroMix."

Nasmore isn't just a performer; he's a multi-faceted artist who excels in songwriting and production. With an impressive Spotify footprint featuring over 800K unique listeners and 2 million streams, he is not just making music; he's making an impact.

Close-up of Nasmore

The Inspirational Underpinnings

"When It Feels So Fake" delves into the complexities of modern life, probing the gap between outward appearances and inward truth. According to nasmore, the song "encapsulates that moment when everything around you feels superficial, and you're yearning for something genuine."

Not Just a Song, But an Anthem for Authenticity

Recorded with Neil Taylor and featuring vocals from Gabriel and Waz, "When It Feels So Fake" is more than just another indie-pop song—it’s an anthem for anyone who has ever felt disconnected in a world full of pretense. Available on major streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, this track is destined to be a standout.


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