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NEW ENTMT's 'Live For the Night': A Slow Disco Revolution from Stockholm's Streets!

Cover Art for 'Live For the Night': The cover art for NEW ENTMT's 'Live For the Night'
Cover Art for 'Live For the Night': The cover art for NEW ENTMT's 'Live For the Night'
Groove into the twilight with NEW ENTMT's 'Live For the Night,' where Tobias Bergholm's transformation ignites the slow disco genre with a pulse of French electro-house and film noir saxophone.

In the heart of Sweden's vibrant music scene, NEW ENTMT emerges as a rising star of innovation and style with their latest single 'Live For the Night.' Led by the multifaceted Tobias Bergholm, this latest release is a seamless fusion of groovy mid-tempo beats, captivating film noir saxophone, and a funky bass that resonates with the essence of French electro-house - super cool.

'Live For the Night' lures listeners to embrace the rhythm of life and dance through the complexities of human experience. Tobias Bergholm, with his rich background in various rock bands, has reinvented himself and the slow disco genre, offering a sound that is nostalgic and yet so refreshingly modern.

With a BPM of 111, 'Live For the Night' accelerates the tempo from NEW ENTMT's previous release, 'The Way Love Burns (Out)' - a release which garnered acclaim on Swedish national radio and international tastemaker blogs. As you await a journey through the twilight hours, this soundtrack is for those who live for the moment and cherish the stories told in the beats.

Mixed by the esteemed Jan Lundkvist and mastered by Johannes Ahlberg at Saintpid Mastering, 'Live For the Night' is a testament to the meticulous craftsmanship and artistic vision that define NEW ENTMT. Each note, each beat, each saxophone wail is carefully curated to transport listeners to a realm where the past and the future collide in perfect harmony.

As Tobias Bergholm reflects on the three-year introspective journey that led to the creation of this masterpiece, it becomes clear that 'Live For the Night' narratives the themes of loss, friendship, and relationships. It's a tribute to the transformative power of music and its ability to guide us through life's turbulent waters.

So, let 'Live For the Night' be your anthem, your companion as you navigate the dancefloor of life. With NEW ENTMT leading the charge, the slow disco genre is set to captivate hearts and move bodies like never before. Get ready to hit the repeat button and experience the new standard of slow disco, one beat at a time

Genre: Indie Pop, Electronic Pop, Alternative Pop, French House, Disco

Mood: Groovy, Reflective, Nostalgic, Uplifting

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