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New Millennium's 'Bottled Up' Revives Early 2000s Pop Scene with a Rich Synth-Driven Soundscape

New Millennium’s new track titled ‘Bottled Up’ captures the complexities of human emotions by incorporating a rich palette of synth and beats.

Reminiscent of the early 2000s, we see the artist’s love for the manufactured pop sound at the heart of his music. The multiple layers gave the track an intricate feel. From infectious beats, synth and electronic textures, New Millennium is a master of the pop soundscape! By gripping you with distinctive beats and lyrical hooks, the burst of energy in the chorus captures the consequences of ‘Bottled Up’ emotions. The artist considers how his musical choices and lyrics complement each other – a skill that allows the listener to understand the artist’s take on repressed emotions.

If you’re a fan of the early 2000s pop scene, New Millennium is the artist for you! Make sure to give ‘Bottled Up’ a listen today.



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