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New Music Roundup: Fresh Releases You Can't Miss! - TJPL FRESH ACOUSTIC, INDIE ROCK AND GUITAR RIFFS

This article features music from five diverse and exciting artists: Vile Engine, Judy Granville, Ci Gofod, Electric High and Liv Crash. Discover the latest releases from these talented musicians and read about their unique sounds, influences, and visions for the future. From post-punk and psychedelia to rock, funk, and jazz, these artists offer a diverse range of musical styles that are sure to captivate and enthrall. Explore their latest tracks and discover your new favorite artist today.



Judy Granville, the London-based singer-songwriter who started her career in her sixties, is back with her latest single "Hold On." With a sound that crosses soul, rock, and folk, Granville's music has been influenced by legends such as Bonnie Raitt, Stevie Nicks, and Richard Thompson. The upbeat and optimistic lyrics of "Hold On" come at a time when the world needs them the most, reminding us to stay positive and hopeful even in difficult times.


Rhedeg Yn Y Nos

Ci Gofod, the Bridgend-based singer-songwriter, brings a new Welsh language track, "Rhedeg Yn Y Nos," which translates to "Running At Night." With influences from funk and 80s music, Ci Gofod's sound is a blend of dreamy guitar melodies and chilled-out Welsh language vocals that create a blissful yet funky groove.


Seven Wonders

Electric High, the Norwegian band that plays a blend of alternative rock and hard rock, is back with their latest single "Seven Wonders." The track features intense rock vocals, a heavily strolling guitar riff, and drum beat, creating a powerful and energetic sound that is sure to get fans headbanging. With a long list of new releases lined up for 2023, Electric High shows no signs of slowing down.


You Fool (Mad)

Liv Crash, the multi-talented musician, singer, and songwriter, is set to release her debut album "Cause Even In This Album." Her latest single "You Fool (Mad)" is the third release from the album, which is scheduled to release in July with the fourth scheduled for 5th May. The track is a mix of rock, funk, and jazz, and the lyrics are a powerful tribute to the human spirit's resilience in the face of adversity.


The Monolith

Vile Engine, the brainchild of Isaac Everett, is set to unveil his latest single "The Monolith." Combining post-punk with psychedelia, the new release promises to be a sonic feast for fans of experimental music. Everett's captivating vocals, dynamic guitar work, and pulsating drum beats create a powerful sound that takes listeners on a lyrical journey through the frustrations of modern life.

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