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New-wave synth band Bromsen are back with a bang


The Photograph

Berlin, Germany

New-wave synth band Bromsen are bringing delightful sounds into the world through their latest single, ‘The Photograph.’ It's a sound that was born in the 80s and has come a hell of a long way since. The song starts with bells and synth pads that chime, the beat kicks in and it's chipper, crunchy and smooth all at once. The melody is as catchy as can be, the chorus sticks with you like toffee in your teeth (even after the main event, you’ve still got something sweet). When the vocals harmonise they send you away, off into a dream. It's a sound that feels like pop with a slice of experimental and harbours the emotions of folk.

‘The Photograph’ speaks more in sound than I ever could in words. Bromsen are putting their musical passion at the forefront of their songwriting initiative and it shows. The sounds that live within this single are unique and special, like a relic of a time to be. A true discovery.


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