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NINI BONG - Christmas Time (Here It Comes Again) - A TJPL CHRISTMAS

Nini Bong is starting the holiday season off strong with a new festive single, ‘Christmas Time (Here It Comes Again)’. If you’re a mistletoe fanatic and love the classic tunes of December, why not treat yourself to a new track that will lead in those homely songs? ‘Christmas Time’ is jovial, bright and full of bells, horns, and harmonies. The cracking melody keeps you in it and Nini Bong makes sure you get a little bit of everything in this definitive Christmas hit.

The song starts with a bang. Trumpets, jingle bells, and a chorus of harmonies singing along to a hook that will be caught in your head for weeks. It feels like a celebration of the whole month and everything that comes with it. The verse hits with festive glee, strings fill out the back as the split harmony vocals ring off the best things about the season. It’s friends, its family, the sounds and the smells and the tastes. Everything gets some love and you can feel it escaping from the song in excited bundles of Christmas joy. ‘Christmas Time (Here It Comes Again)’ builds into a final push and splashes out, calling on the holiday.

A great start to your Christmas playlist, give those classics a fresh coat of paint by adding a new voice to the choir. It's right around the corner, get this song blasting! - FREDDIE MCKEE


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