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So Long

Ottawa, Canada

Country blues. Mmm! Can’t get enough of the stuff. And I hear it is part of a balanced and healthy diet so that’s definitely a plus. In which case you’ll want to get your ears around Norm Brunet’s single, ‘So Long.’ It's a warm and rounded blissfully expansive rock song that sits in the country fields and strums its chords. The backing is perfect, slides and drums stack together, forming a bed of crunchy leaves for the bass to walk on. When the vocals strolled in I melted. So hearty, carrying a melody like a songbird with the grit of a wild west lawman. It doesn’t get better than this. When you think about that quintessential rocking country sound; you’re really thinking of Norm Brunet.

‘So Long’ is a sad song. But so is a lot of country! Somehow this genre defies the ‘sad song = sad vibes’ formula and brings you sad tunes that’ll keep you dancing all night. Norm Brunet knows all about that, being a king of country himself.



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