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A Little Bit More

State College, PA, United States

Credit - Matt Jacobs

OK Otter are the indie rock band you need to listen to today. Their new single, ‘A Little Bit More’ showcases their classic rock roots mixed with pop influences from the 2000s and it is a smashing blend. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The song rises and falls, pushes and pulls and keeps you coming back for more. OK Otter are endlessly creative and it comes through in their music. Guitar lines mix so well with drum stops and the bass takes its own path through the melody that keeps things interesting. Add to this some keys that keep the silence away and vocals that hit some awesome harmonies and you’re onto a winner with ‘A Little Bit More’.

The song starts by building backing instrumentals. Then the vocals drop in for the verse and the OK Otter sound is complete. That high vox mixed with the raw punch of rock instruments creates a gap between vocal and backing. This gap is where OK Otter go to work. The vocals dip down into it to add some depth or to punctuate a line, the drums fill it with crashing cymbals and the guitar rises up into the divide to give us some classic noodling that fits the bill perfectly. Stellar song. Stellar band. ‘A Little Bit More’ would be nice, but a whole lot more would be even better.


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