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Washed Away

Murwillumbah NSW, Australia

Credit - Jay Penfold Photography

Ollie Twohill is bringing a heavier rock sound to his latest single, ‘Washed Away.’ It has that warmth, that full-bodied excellence that Ollie Twohill drives through all of his tracks. Here, however, it is backed by a slamming, chugging backtrack. It riles up in the chorus, exploding with sound and reverberating into the verse. Licks and frills spin out of the bass like a viper taking a strike at the vocal overhead, but you’ll never catch those pipes. They flirt with highs, dash through lows and never break the melody for a second.

A true new rock powerhouse, Ollie Twohill is keeping cool and playing his rock his way. It's thick, it's boisterous and it stands up for itself. ‘Washed Away’ proves that Ollie Twohill has the range to take on the system, to win over crowds of fans, and to fill stadiums with impactful anthems that will recharge a generation. Empowering.



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