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Ones 2 Watch - July 2022



Southend On Sea, United Kingdom

A.B VIOLET came in to take a spot this month with her latest release #CheckYourFeelings. You won't be able to stay away from this track once you hit play so make sure that you give it a listen along with her other tracks by clicking the link below! There's an influence of 80s pop within the track mixed with a haunting vocal that will leave you moved for sure! This track urges listeners to stop and take a breath when feeling overwhelmed - We all need this message in our lives! I'm looking forward to hearing more from A.B VIOLET in the future. Definitely One2Watch.



Milan, Italy

Credit - ph. Torto Gianluca

VALLAC has been on my radar for a while now since I came across his single 'Fake Love' during our search for our Top 10 Dance - 22/04/2022 ( Now back with his brand new track 'I Will Find You', VALLAC has pulled out all the stops in an EDM production that blends the genres of House and Techno. If you're looking for a track for your night-out playlists, are a DJ looking for new material for your set lists or you're just another hardcore EDM lover then THIS is the artist that you need to keep your eyes on!



Seattle, United States

KELLAN. is an artist that once heard won't be forgotten. I was introduced to this artist back in April when I reviewed his single 'Annie Adderall. I had this track on repeat for ages after first hearing it. FEATURED ARTIST *KELLAN* .Annie Adderall (feat. Webb Wavvy) - REVIEW + INTERVIEW ( Jonathan Finlay (Nasti) also reviewed KELLAN. in our TOP 10 - Hip Hop, Rap & R&B 27/05/2022 ( where he was impressed too! It was a no-brainer that KELLAN. should make our Ones2Watch this month with his latest single "Why Am I Like This". This track is fresh off the press today! Get listening! It's an absolute hell of a track!



Milwaukee, United States

RYE CATCHERS really stood out to me this month with their smooth electropop release "Ordinary". Despite the name, the track is as far from ordinary as it gets. The beat is infectious the lyrics are catchy and the vibe is a whole sultry masterpiece. The delay brings a feel of Halsey to the production. RYE CATCHERS are definitely Ones2Watch. If you're into pop with a sexy feel and a sense of darkness within it then THIS is the track for you! Click the link below to get familiar with RYE CATCHERS! I'm looking forward to hearing what the rest of 2022 holds for them!



LA, United States

Credit - Matthieu McReina

Los Angeles-based artist "RALPHY" is another new addition to TJPL NEWS. Our attention was immediately captivated by the track "Wanted" when we heard it earlier this month. This release merges rock with pop to create something that will make waves across the borders. From the heaviness of the rock instrumentation to the groove of the pop synths, this track has something special about it! The instrumentation is dark, strong and powerful. This is a track for strong feminine energy, so if you're looking to unleash the bad bitch - RALPHY fits the mold with her single,"Wanted"




Canadian artist SIKA VALMÉ has brought a fresh sound to TJPL News. Her sound merges the culture of Haitian Creole c into the modern electro scene of Western influence. This piece is truly unique in the way that the elements have been used. SIKA VALMÉ has been creating art for nearly two decades in a variety of mediums. This artist has perfected her sound to create art that will inspire, intrigue and move any listener. I'm looking forward to hearing more from SIKA VALMÉ. Make sure that you hit the link below to hear "Mango" amonst other Top tracks from this artist



Joliet, United States

The United States-based pop artist RICH ANTONY has created an absolute banger of a track called "Don't Look Back" as you can imagine by the artwork, the music is very much based on futuristic 80s-inspired synths.' Don't Look Back' is the ultimate feel-good track so if you're looking for an artist that knows how to take you into full-blown 80s nostalgia and out of your current situation then look no further than RICH ANTONY. The hook will have you singing along and the instrumentation will have you dancing for sure! I've also included a link to all of his Top Tracks below, thank me later!



Berlin, Germany

Credit - Angela Regenbrecht

Berlin-based trio ORA BLU really impressed me this month with their latest release "On Repeat" so much that I literally had "On Repeat" on repeat. No, really I did. So, who are the trio?! Marlene (vocals and bass), Kai (vocals and guitar), and Henrik (drums and production) work together to combine a multitude of genres from Pop, Hip-Hop, Funk, and R&B to create their signature sound. "On Repeat" is a song that delves into the sphere of electronic lo-fi pop to create a relaxing feel good vibe. The guitar riffs are super funky and will embedd themselves in your minds! After hearing the way that this group uniquely provides their fresh sound impressed me a lot!









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