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Cwmbran, United Kingdom

Paige Wolfe, remember the name. The up-and-coming country/soul artist keeps throwing curve balls and hitting home runs. Their latest single, ‘11:34’ is a dance-pop track that is dark, moody and melodic. A beat-heavy verse and rigid low end give ‘11:34’ an extremely modern feel. When the synth drops in, blasting pads and high bells it starts to feel like it could turn down a house road at any second, but the vocals catch it. They bring that country influence, full-bodied and packed to the brim with character there’s no missing them. It's a blend I would have told you would never work. If I was a betting man, I’d owe Paige Wolfe £20, because it works, and it works wonders.

‘11:34’ begins with the beat, the bass building in the back. It's big, and it is coming for us. The percussion mixes 808 styles with organic textures of bongos and toms, a mix that sets this single even further apart from the crowd. The vocals come in with power from the start, a strummed electric guitar adds the oomph the song needs to get going and there’s no stopping it now. A hell of a chorus and a latter half breakdown that I just can’t get enough of sets this song up as a must-listen for any country, R&B or Dance fan. It’s splendid, in all aspects. Paige Wolfe, remember the name.


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