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Boston, United States

Credit -Patty Duffey Photography

Patty Duffey has delivered a heartfelt and beautiful single, ‘There’. A song about friendship and how powerful it can be. The song features stunning vocals and glistening harmonies that wrap you up in a hugging blanket, spinning you around in a sea of pleasant memories. - FREDDIE MCKEE

The song sits firmly in the pop genre but it is far from a mindless tune. There is so much personality and soul within the lines and behind the voices. It feels like your best friend singing to you. ‘There’ is dripping with feeling and kindness. If this is what Patty Duffey can do, then sign me up for much much more.

Vocals and guitar open the song. Bam, right away the texture and quality of the vox hit your ears and you become lost in it. The guitar acts like a hammock, swinging softly underneath, keeping the song tapping to a blissful rhythm. The addition of pads in the back adds to the atmosphere, thickening up the air around you. The verses are peppered with vocal frills and dancing harmonies that build to a chorus that is sure to get your toes tapping. Brilliant use of ups and downs throughout the song keeps it feeling alive and engaging and when it ends, you’re left wanting more from this standout artist. ‘There’ is a songwriting showcase and it is plain to see that Patty Duffey has got what it takes to make it big and keep on going.

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