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PAUL CLAXTON - Last Night Was A Drean


Last Night Was A Dream

London, United Kingdom

Credit - Katie Frost

The sounds of the past never fail to rustle up some nostalgia. Even new songs that are born from that time, that way of thinking, hold that same quality. A song that does exactly this is ‘Last Night Was a Dream’ by Paul Claxton. It's a classic rock song, and I mean classic rock. Sitting firmly in that 70s to 80s bridge of sound that produced some of today's rock and roll staples. ‘Last Night Was a Dream’ is a slow and smooth song, littered with high vocal harmonies that give me goosebumps they’re so good. The melody is hitching a ride in the back of my head, and the instrumental is ever-present, sitting on the sidelines, whittling away ditties as the sky turns blue.

Paul Claxton has mastered this sound. A sound that breathes the same air as Zeppelin, The Who, The Grateful Dead and countless other greats. It’s a solid sound if done well, and my oh my can Paul Claxton do it like the best of ‘em.


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