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Pauper D's '3 Decade'—A Soulful Ode to the Underappreciated Artists of the World

Cover Art: "'3 Decade' cover art
Cover Art: '3 Decade' cover art

Reggae artist Pauper D celebrates 30 years in the game with his latest track '3 Decade,' a tribute to the unsung heroes of the creative world.

From spinning records at Bay Area house parties to international stages, Pauper D has been a stalwart in the reggae and dancehall scene for three decades. His latest track, "3 Decade," serves as a tribute not just to his own journey, but to all artists who've committed to their craft despite financial struggles.

Born in New Jersey but raised in Oakland, California, Pauper D's love for music was evident from his teen years. He started as a DJ, spinning at local venues before transitioning into writing original lyrics. His fascination with reggae music and Jamaican culture led him to become a quintessential voice in Cultural Roots Reggae and Dancehall music.

"3 Decade" is a narrative that shines a light on the often-overlooked artists who enrich our lives with their creativity. The track has received overwhelming positive feedback, particularly from Jamaican audiences, affirming Pauper D's ability to create music that resonates on a global scale.

Promo Shot: "Pauper D, the reggae artist behind '3 Decade'
Promo Shot: "Pauper D, the reggae artist behind '3 Decade'

The artist's journey hasn't been without its challenges. He's freestyled and performed with notable artists like Daddy Freddy and Guru from Gang Starr, but he's also witnessed the struggles of many talented artists barely making ends meet. This duality is what "3 Decade" aims to capture—acknowledging the grind and the glory that comes with being an artist.

As Pauper D prepares to head back to the studio, fans can expect a mix of old classics and new material. He's also venturing into fashion with his eco-conscious streetwear line, "CrazyLit," which encapsulates the "Lit" cultural vibe of his music.

In a world quick to consume art but slow to appreciate the artists, "3 Decade" stands as a poignant reminder of the talent and perseverance that often go unnoticed. As Pauper D puts it, the song is a nod to those "starving artists around the world," making it clear that their efforts are seen and valued.

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