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PENELOPE's 'BiConic(Mind Electric Remix)' is a powerhouse of funk and melody that will blow you away

Get ready for some classic dance vibes, and get ready for the funk. PENELOPE’s ‘BiConic’ has been given a new lease of life, a new angle, a new fit — and it will blow you away. ‘BiConic (Mind Electric Remix)’ is a powerhouse of funk, tone and melody. It captures the glam, the pomp, and the power and concentrates them into a synth track that will have you moving in seconds.

The beat picks up fast, there’s no stopping its roll. The vocals start with blazing speed and show no signs of slowing down. They pick up the colour, brush it over the synth and it comes to life, spinning the melody ever higher. The vocal pushes, rushes. The chorus comes up fast and it is incredible. Beats flying, synth raising. How could it get any better? Then you catch it. In the back — funk guitar strums. The bass has a bump, a twang. A slap for good measure. It’s amazing.

PENELOPE has rendered funk into dance with perfect accuracy. As a result ‘BiConic (Mind Electric Remix)’ is a track that will never age, never go unnoticed, and never stop being a fab tune.



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