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Pete Miller's 'I Wrote Hannah a Letter' Peels Back the Soul of Country Music

 I Wrote Hannah a Letter single cover art

‘I Wrote Hannah a Letter’ is a slow and sombre country song from Pete Miller that looks to the core of country music and pulls inspiration from emotion, rather than sound.

Guitar starts in the back. It picks up the rhythm and plays it for us on deep wooden strings that echo in the dark. The chords wrap around themselves as they play. They overlap, fingerpicked, overflowing with country texture. The vocal begins, low and dry. It’s an honest and human vocal, one that gets close to you in an instant but you don't mind. You want to hear the tale, and see the story to the end. It is a sad one. A story that tackles isolation, determination and dreams. But at the core of it all is a broken soul that has turned to music to heal. And you can feel that, through the guitar, through the strings, through the inferred beat.

Pete Miller’s ‘I Wrote Hannah a Letter’ is a wonderful country track that peels back the soul and looks for the tenderness within.



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