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"Pop-rock brilliance at its finest: WIESINGER and JusJrdn's 'If You Need Someone' is a must-listen!"

Credit - Chelsey Wiesinger

‘If You Need Someone’ is a pop rock track coming at us from energetic artist, WIESINGER feat. JusJrdn. It's an upbeat track that plays with contemporary textures and songwriting styles, adding licks from rock to sweeten the deal. Verses are cool, calculated. They share emotion in a controlled flow that starts from the steady percussion and works its way up to the crystal vocals. They glide through the air, flanked by synth on both sides, singing to you sweet lyrics that pull you into the chorus. That’s where things kick off. ‘If You Need Someone’ blows up, the instrumental hits 11 and the vocals settle into a catchy groove. The feeling pours out, gushing. The break into a rap section veers you sideways, you become connected with the rhythm, connected to the story. Then the song bounces back again. A rollercoaster of pop.

WIESINGER and JusJrdn have smashed it here. ‘If You Need Someone’ is a show of pop-rock brilliance and certainly deserves your attention.



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