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The Portable Marvel: Positive Grid Spark Go Mini Amp Review

The Positive Grid Spark Go is a portable powerhouse that can fit in your hand. This tiny little beast is an amp up front and so many other things behind the scenes. So whether you need a little amp to chuck in a gig bag to keep you strumming in Air BnB’s, or whether you need a compact audio interface for recording on the go, the Spark Go has got you covered. With a line in and out, 4 programmable amp presets and a USB C for connection to a computer, this seemingly simple Bluetooth speaker has a lot under the hood to excite any level of musician, from rocking head bangers to indie shufflers.

The unit's build is high quality — a woven front keeps the speakers safe while the Go rolls around in your backpack, but doesn’t impede the sound whatsoever. The rest of the body of the amp is made to live wild, rugged, and on the move. The sound quality is sublime, especially in the cab and pedal modelling. The Spark Go pairs to your phone through an app and allows you to fiddle and play with an insane amount of parameters and create your own effects loop. Once that's all set you can save it as a preset and get playing. The quality of all of the sound models is brilliant. The Go has customisation honed to a science and every sound flows into the next. Top all of this off with the fact that you can then plug the Go into whatever you wish and play those sounds right on through it! A full-size cab? No sweat! How about a direct line to your computer? Easy as pie.

As a speaker, the Go does its job and it does it well. It’s loud and it’s clear and it’s enough to hear yourself (or whatever music you’re playing through it) perfectly. You also won't find anyone competing with the price. At £129.00 on Andertons, and similar prices elsewhere, the Positive Grid Spark Go is a steal. With a rich feature set, modern design, rugged build and formidable sound, this little amp will take you to new heights and stick by your side along the way.


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