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Pranatricks Drops Hypnotic New Single 'Cobras' Ahead of 'Elements of' Album Release

Embark on a mystical journey with Pranatricks' latest track 'Cobras,' a masterful blend of indie-psych sounds exploring the power of the heart and universal connection.

From the creative depths of Vancouver Island, Pranatricks emerges with 'Cobras,' a single that transcends traditional music boundaries to deliver an alternative, experimental psych tune. This track, which is the sixth release off his eagerly anticipated second album 'Elements of,' delves into the profound connection we share with the light and the universe.

Written years ago in an abandoned warehouse on Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, 'Cobras' serves as a metaphor for the heart's capacity for expansion and connection. It beautifully articulates the concept that exposing our hearts can link us to a universal energy that binds all existence. The song's intricate layers of arpeggiated synths, distorted electric guitars, and experimental chorus of mantric chants create a mystical soundscape that invites listeners to let go and find peace in the present.

Pranatricks, an independent artist known for his soulful songwriting and multifaceted musicianship, has once again demonstrated his ability to blend genres and themes into a cohesive and impactful piece. The success of his debut album 'Cherished' and his continual evolution as an artist are evident in the anticipation building around 'Elements of.'

The music video for 'Cobras,' filmed on a chilly winter morning on Northern Vancouver Island, adds a visual dimension to the song's ethereal themes. It captures Pranatricks in a moment of pure expression, surrounded by the natural beauty that inspires his music, further solidifying the track's message of interconnectedness.

As 'Cobras' garners attention and accolades, Pranatricks is poised to solidify his place in the music world with the release of 'Elements of.' His journey from the indie folk roots of 'Cherished' to the indie-psych exploration in 'Cobras' marks a significant milestone in his artistic development. Fans old and new are invited to join Pranatricks on this cosmic voyage, where music serves as a bridge between the earthly and the divine, the heart and the infinite expanse of the universe.

Genre: Indie Folk, Alternative Rock, Indie Rock, Psychedelic, Synth

Mood: Mystical, Experimental, Ethereal

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