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Prodigal Son’:Andy Smythe's Melodic Harmony and Emotional Strings Deliver a Powerful Message of Hope

‘Prodigal Son’ from Andy Smythe is a beautiful single that pushes out melodic harmonies and blended strings to deliver an emotional track that will have you humming along in no time. Andy Smythe fills the room with a classic rock presence. There is a power commanding the track down its path towards that beautiful chorus. The lights fade as the beat rolls in smooth. The bass catches the bottom of the melody and raises it up. Subtle guitars jump on board as the vocals give the whole medley meaning. They begin to sing with a homely and honest feel, the textures melt over the backing and all are fused into one cohesive hum. It’s a blissful sound.

The light comes up and the room has changed. ‘Prodigal Son’ transports you to your past to reminisce upon old mistakes and old victories. It pleads with your inner self to forgive that past you, to move on, to keep healing. Andy Smythe has created a positive song from the ashes of a dark one. This song could have been depressing and destructive; though its core sounds come from the shadows, the message is anything but. ‘Prodigal Son’ is hopeful, uplifting and golden. A single worth every second you can give it. Moving.


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