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This 12 track mixtape showcases the creative flair of #ChristofJennings AKA #Smokingsforcoolpeople.

#Intro (Cruising) leads the project with a bang through the use of heavy 808s, robotic vocal chops and heavy bass. I love the use of trap soul inspired vocal chops that offer a deepness in line with the bass and I love the contrast that the higher pitched robotic chops offer.

#ExcuseMe [Dirty] by #ZaraSykes ft #Xtof continues to showcase what this talented producer has to offer. He has created a very specific and unique style to his productions. His productions so far put heavy 808s at the forefront along with soulful basslines to create something modern but rooted in old school R&B. #ZaraSykes comes in hard with her flow and I'm definitely going to keep an eye on her too!

#AllYourLovin' by #NigelHinds ft #ZaraSykes introduces a little sprinkle of soulful acoustic keys before breaking down into into that classic heavy bass sound. Introducing #NigelHInds into the picture as well as another feature from #ZaraSykes make a great collaboration. This is a real funky soulful piece of magic for sure. The lyrics are just as catchy as the productive elements. The contrast between the soulful pop vocals of #NigelHinds and the strong rap

flow from #ZaraSykes is something not to be missed.

#InterludeThievery offers a little sample of a studio session with #ChristoffJennings explaining the creative process behind some of his pieces along with an accompinment of snippets of the following track.

#SexAppeal is a piece that I've written about before here at TJPL News. I was really impressed leading me to rate it NUMBER 1 in several previous posts. Listening to it again now is no different to the first time I heard the track. It NEVER gets boring. I think I know all of the words by now! The track features the soulful vocals of #SolMorgan previous X Factor contestant and a rap verse from #EthosTheRapper. I don't think I'll ever stop loving this track, it's slick in production whilst being soulful and hard in vocals.

#Sugar is a great piece that offers R&B and Afrobeat inspiration in production and vocal elements. I LOVE this one. Discussing the perfect man this track explains all the intimate details of the perfect partner. The lyrics are catchy and ride along the waves of the production in such a slick way! I love the addition of autotuned vocals here, they offer another layer of the artistry of the producer.

#RestingBitchFace is just over a minute long. It starts with a bitchy conversation about someone's resting bitch face whilst progressing into a discussion about ego. This made me laugh and felt to relatable too. What I like about this is that it shows the narrative behind the producer. It offers a personalisation, something behind the mask rather than leaving the music to exist independent of the person behind it.

#Kisses&Hugs by #ZaraSykes ft #Xtof has some slick electric guitar riffs, electronic R&B key synths and again those heavy basslines. You can hear another side to #ZaraSykes in this track and it's great to hear #xtof in here too! The track has many different styles and elements in production and vocals that capture every bit of your attention.

#SlowDown brings #SolMorgan back to steal the show. Ah man what can I say about this track other than OMG. If you're looking for a not so serious track that will get EVERYONE to the dancefloor (YES EVERYONE) then you must listen to this song. I can imagine that this track is going to go far! and if it doesn't it's an absolute banger anyway.

#Interlude - CancerianTalk takes another break and offers us an insight into the producer's mindset. I love the deepness of this, it offers us more snippets of who the person is. I think this is a really important and brave thing to do. I can't fault it.

#Ghostin' by #NigelHinds is another great track with l' by #NigelHinds is another great track with lyrics that are HIGHLY relatable and easily remembered. We've all been Ghosted right? Let's not pretend. This track takes that inconvenience and turns it into a piece of slick and soulful art. The lyrics are honest, the beat is smooooooooooth and I know for a fact that this track is going to make waves. Again, a great collaboration between these two artists.

#Damian by #Xtof ft #KSsense is open and honest. It slows things right down in production and vocals to create something extremely raw in emotion. This track hit my emotions hard if I'm honest. The opening rap verses hit hard with talks of family toxicity. This themes continues throughout the track in an honest end to a brilliant project.

#Damian is a not just a project, it's a life's' work of feelings and craftmanship that has been shared in a variety of collaborations. #ChristofJennings AKA #Smokingsforcoolpeople should be extremely happy with what he has put together here. This project combines a showcase of struggles with mental health with more uplifting songs and relationship issues to create something extremely heartfelt and moving.

It's been an honor to write this piece.



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