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PROJECT 1268 - Records Back


Records Back

Bentonville, United States

Jazz is all-devouring. It captures your heart mind and soul, surrounding them with soft tones and invigorating melodies. It is a beast that you must first tame before creating music, but when you do so, you arrive at the same place Project 1268 have with their latest single, ‘Records Back (Radio Edit).’ It's jazz at the core, this tonal and rhythmic monster that now coos to the beat. Brass and percussion work together to lay down waves of groove in the back with bass and keys as the vocal, alto, strong and full of personality, climbs to fantastic heights.

‘Records Back (Radio Edit)’ is at the forefront of new-wave jazz. It's poppy, it's got a swinging rhythm to click or dance to and a vocal that will blast you into next week. Before you know it you’re tapping your toes and walking down the street singing along to Project 1268. Their sound is addictive, but man, that ain’t so bad! ‘Records Back (Radio Edit)’ is a tune you simply must feel for yourself.



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