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Proklaim Takes Us on a Soulful Journey with 'LOVE HIGHWAY': A Fusion of Hip-hop and Afro Beats

Proklaim: A Journey Down the "LOVE HIGHWAY" Where Hip-hop Meets Afro Beats

Proklaim, Namibian hip-hop artist

Namibian artist Proklaim is not your everyday musician. With a career that dates back to 2011, Proklaim stands as a vibrant pillar in the hip-hop community, layering his tracks with evocative lyrics and stylistic depth. His latest single, "LOVE HIGHWAY," showcases a splendid fusion of hip-hop and Afro Beats, inviting listeners to navigate the intricacies of love and life.

The Man Behind the Beat: Proklaim

Proklaim is a solo artist with a multifaceted background. Though hip-hop reigns supreme in his work, his skills extend beyond rap—he learned guitar while honing his lyrical craft. The result is a rich, intricate soundscape influenced by the likes of Nas, Tupac, Jay Z, Lauryn Hill, and Drake.

The MTV Bass Spotlight

Proklaim's talents haven't gone unnoticed. He appeared on MTV Bass on Kingz Video, giving him a global platform to share his music. But fame is just a byproduct for the artist whose motto is "Carpe Diem"—seize the day. And seize it he does, in each line and melody he produces.

The Genesis of "LOVE HIGHWAY"

Recorded in Namibia and mixed by Lu Diaz in Florida, "LOVE HIGHWAY" carries a sense of geographic and emotional expansiveness. It's the first of three tracks laid down in 2023, serving as a teaser for more music to come. The ethos behind the single is an unerring belief in following one's intuition—"the stirring in your chest," as Proklaim puts it. It's a sentiment that resonates in the music, a sonic embodiment of being true to one's purpose.

Soul Meets Beat

The song itself is a soulful rumination on love, crafted around a "beautiful beat" that the artist happened upon and purchased. And just like that, the journey of "LOVE HIGHWAY" began—a trip through the whims and woes of love, set to an Afro Beat tempo and a hip-hop heartbeat.

Proklaim, Namibian hip-hop artist

Quotable Moments

"Kings have fallen at the hands of the trifling," says Proklaim, a poignant reminder of the vulnerability and volatility that comes with love and life.

A Proklaimed Space in the Music World

The streets of hip-hop and the trails of Afro Beats converge at Proklaim's "LOVE HIGHWAY," a musical testament to the artist's talent and philosophical depth. As listeners eagerly await what's next, they can ride along this newly opened highway—a route that promises both auditory and emotional adventure.


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