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Windhoek, Namibia

Credit - Ravianus Shambeni

Rap hits different. It gets you when you least expect it, with deep bass, arpeggiated backtracks and vocals that slide in from the left field. It's a wild west of a genre and every once in a while you come across a diamond in the rough. Someone with a flavour, attitude and a message that runs through their music. Proklaim is one such artist, whose latest single, ‘Runnin,’ pushes rap as hard as it will go and it works like a charm. The instrumental is huge, its blaring horns and harps keep you in it as the vocals dip and dodge around the melody like Tyson in a championship fight. It's masterful and hypnotic at times, you get lost in the flow.

Proklaim lays a foundation of positivity beneath ‘Runnin,’ and it seeps through to even the instrumental. Though it is dark, brooding and melancholy in its textures. The context is there. It's a song to fight to, to rise up to, to get hopeful to … Rap hits different, and when it does it hits hard



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