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ProntaCorde's 'Everybody Clap!' — A Synth-Funk Fusion That Commands Your Beats and Feet

Discover the Beat-Driven World of ProntaCorde Where Synth Meets Funk, Delivering an Invigorating Sound Experience in 'Everybody Clap!'
The dynamic energy of ProntaCorde's 'Everybody Clap!' bursts forth from speakers, a perfect blend of funk groove and synth innovation.
ProntaCorde's 'Everybody Clap!' Cover Art

The beat in music is a honed aspect of modern sound and modern genres. Depending on the genre you know you’ll find certain types of beat. For instance, reggae is going to feel and hit in a very different way when compared to rock or jazz. ProntaCorde knows this, and their single, ‘Everybody Clap!,’ takes the beat and plays with it, kneads it like taffy, and comes up with something sugary sweet.

‘Everybody Clap!’ Starts in a crowded room. Voices murmur and paint the walls a dark mauve, the floor is distant — there is no crisp coolness in the air. Then a voice takes charge over the others, soon a flow of music begins to head to the voice, to surround it, but it doesn’t become a tangible sound until that first beat hits your ears. Initially, the beat takes us into a synth world. It’s overlayed with a rolling electric bass that is powered by those kicks. A thrum of movement, and it’s fast. You sprint into the track and suddenly there’s funk, there’s a void of sound full of flavour and rhythm and poise. You dance, you can’t help it, as the beat ebbs and flows between synth and funk, creating this hard and fast smoothness that feels totally alien and yet … perfectly right.

ProntaCorde has found the balance here, and that’s a hard thing to do. Usually, there’s something that sways a track over to one side of its genre blend. Not here. It’s a funk track in constriction, flavour, and personality. But it’s a synth track in its components, tone, and voice. With sampled sound hitting original medleys, you get lost in the plane of the single; are you here, are you there? Wherever you are the music is great, so why not stay a while and take the beat into your mind; flow with it, breathe with it, and live with it. A solid and infinitely catchy song that will keep popping up in the back of your head again and again.

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