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ProntaCorde’s “Come And Feel My Music” Will Have You Grooving All Night Long

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ProntaCorde performing their single "Come And Feel My Music" with their electric guitars.
Credit - Michael Dittner

Funk. Rhythm and the beat. The chop of an electric guitar never fails to slap a smile across my face. ProntaCorde have unleashed a feel-good sound upon the world that I am eternally grateful for. Their single, ‘Come And Feel My Music,’ brings together all that is good, all that is bopping, and filters it into one track.

From the moment you press play the groove begins to take hold. It's in your hair, it's on your clothes, it’s in the mirror it's in your smile. You can feel it, filling you up from your feet. They begin to move, to tap, to slide. The wave of motion rises until you can’t help but jimmy. ‘Come And Feel My Music’ is artistic expression at its fun-est. It's freeing, bright, colourful and unabashed. It takes talent and insight to write a song as good as this one. But it takes something more important to play it the way ProntaCorde do. It takes feeling, true passion and joy. ‘Come And Feel My Music’ is an invitation to move, laugh, and live your best day yet. Fantastic.



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