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Pulltops' Sonic Triumph in 'Better Life': A Fusion of Nostalgia and Modern Creativity

The Pulltops’ ‘Better Life’ takes the rock-infused pop ideals of the late 80s and flushes them with the creativity of today, arriving at a sound that is wholly unique and captures the imagination. It’s an uplifting track, with thoroughly beefy guitars that sparkle through the aid of synth. In the back comes a set of drums, hell-bent on changing the world, and I believe that they will. A crash, a ride, a flowing roll, and it all blends with the vocal. Upright, strong, a guiding light of infinite tone. The Vox find their niche and pull the instrumental through it, creating a cohesive and intelligent track, and one that you will be picking out of your brains for a long time coming.

‘Better Life’ reminds me of those 80s smash hits. It bleeds in the chorus, pouring heart and soul into that melody, into the bittersweet harmonies and the presence of the guitar. Though it stems from that sound, it isn’t dated by it, far from it. The Pulltops’ music is fluid, glowing with power and new ideas. The verses strike at you with perfect lyrics while the instrumental boils below, waiting for enough steam to form to pressurise that stalwart chorus. ‘Better Life’ is a medley of emotion, understanding, and hope. Above all else, it is a cracking tune which I will be playing at full blast time and time again. Fantastic.



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