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Rachel Davie Lee's 'Found My Way Here' - A Nostalgic Journey of Empowerment and Reconciliation

Recorded for the French label Noussanseux's compilation release 'Connexion' in March 2023, 'Found My Way Here' is a captivating new single from international artist Rachel Davie Lee. Showcasing the artist's pop soul essence, this easy-listening piece is a beautiful confluence of nostalgia, empowerment, and personal introspection.

Created in collaboration with esteemed musician Brent Hoyte on piano, the song was recorded in Tortola, British Virgin Islands, at Hoyte's Home Grown Studio. Lee's choice to work with Hoyte, who is renowned in the BVI music scene, has resulted in a track that conveys her journey with a raw and honest intensity.

While 'Found My Way Here' was initially envisaged as a gentle RnB sound inspired by Michael Jackson's 'Human Nature', the final version is a simple acoustic piano ballad that best captures the mood of the song. The pairing of Lee's rich female vocals with Hoyte's poignant piano strokes gives the song its relaxing and contemporary pop edge, a perfect backdrop for the reflective narrative.

Lee's music often digs deep into personal sentiments, and 'Found My Way Here' is no exception. The song is a heartfelt expression of her struggles with reconciling the past and present, brought on by feelings of homesickness and a longing for things of the past. The result is a classic-sounding ballad filled with both nostalgic and painful moments.

However, the song also carries a potent message of empowerment. Lee realizes that her past experiences have led her to where she is today, giving her strength and hope for the future. Despite the longing for certain things from the past, there's a clear acknowledgement that her life is still brimming with possibilities.

With 'Found My Way Here', Rachel Davie Lee has crafted a track that not only delivers a timeless pop soul sound but also a narrative that is deeply relatable and cathartic. This nostalgic yet optimistic journey is a testament to Lee's songwriting prowess, ensuring listeners will remain engaged and moved throughout.



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