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Radio Psychosis Debuts with 'Television' – A Sarcastic Nod to the Pandemic Era's Screen Addiction

Runcorn-based Radio Psychosis, a collaboration between singer/songwriters Colin M Potter of Blindness & Light and Mike Juvenile of Liverpool band KEEF, have struck a resonant chord with their debut single, 'Television'. Released in conjunction with Anglesey collective Blindness & Light, the track explores the mind-numbing monotony of TV during the lockdown era, a subject many of us became all too familiar with.

'Television' is an astute observation of our pandemic-induced relationship with the screen. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of the "television-obsessed junkie," offering a scathing and humorous critique of our collective dependence on the tube. The limitless binge-watching opportunities that defined many of our existences during the isolation period are laid bare, offering both a critique and a shared sense of understanding.

Musically, the track offers a catchy and engaging soundscape, mirroring the hypnotic allure of the television screen. The viewer's fixation is almost palpable as time disappears, and the darkened room is momentarily lit by the flickering screen.

Radio Psychosis's debut isn't just an entertaining listen; it's a timely commentary on a cultural phenomenon that shaped our recent history. 'Television' doesn't merely critique our obsession; it stands as a metaphor for seeking comfort in familiar yet shallow distractions. It's a standout piece that's sure to resonate with listeners who found solace or escape in front of the screen, only to be left contemplating the true value of that connection. A promising debut, 'Television' positions Radio Psychosis as a thoughtful and innovative voice in the contemporary music scene.



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