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RAVYN - Blue's Clues


Blue's Clues

Detroit, United States

Credit - Shicoreya Dobine

Ravyn is hitting hard out the gate with their latest single, ‘blue’s clues.’ It's rap, it’s R&B, it’s dark, it’s sensual. What catches you is the rhythm and the flow. It's enigmatic, yet all too clear. It engulfs you in bass, you’re swimming in it, fighting for just a single breath. Just as it becomes too much, it melts away, leaving you high and dry with the percussion and the vocals. Comfortable? Back the bass comes, only this time, you’re ready. You take it in your stride and the song flows around you.

Ravyn’s flow and lyrics work their charm with unmatched potency when coupled with the dark-synth/R&B instrumental on ‘blue’s clues.’ If you’re in the market for a song that will get you thinking and rattle your stereo then bingo you’ve found it. Pump the volume, pour a hard one and get set in the groove. Ravyn’s got you covered.


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