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'Reasons' - Scoville Unit Blends Indie Rock and 00s Magic into a Sunlit Gem

Scoville Unit is punching into the indie rock space with their latest single, ‘Reasons.’ It's a fantastic 00s rock track that sways to a beat and gives off one heck of a groove. The drums come in hard, catching a melody with a beat and handing it off to the bass. The line is thick, round, it captures that 00s magic and soon the guitars are chugging right alongside you. Riffs aplenty, harmonies that dance in the chorus, layer upon layer of rocky goodness. Scoville Unit sure do know how to make some fire.

‘Reasons’ takes the 00s grit but turns it into sunshine. The song is uplifting and positive, it doesn’t rage on, it doesn’t act out. It takes a stellar melody and it makes a song out of it. It finds that nostalgic texture and refines it, the result is rock and roll that I simply cannot resist. Scoville Unit have found the soft spot in my heart. I love bands that take an idea and roll with it. It only works if you truly give yourself to the music and take in all of the inspiration that comes your way. Scoville Unit do exactly that. ‘Reasons’ is a blend of all the best things about indie rock rolled up into one mammoth single. Joyous.



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